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How should investors think about metals and decarbonisation?

Sprott Uranium Miners Ucits ETF,
Sprott Copper Miners ESG-Screened Ucits ETF

The world is facing a structural shift towards decarbonisation. Governments around the world have shifted back toward industrial policy, spending large sums on the production and consumption of clean energy and electric vehicles. These goals are putting pressure on materials needed for decarbonisation. Tom will be exploring tools to help Irish investors position their portfolios accordingly.

Northern Europe Sales Manager

Unwrapping the black box: a pragmatic approach to commodity investments

JSS Commodities strategy

George will discuss long only investment solutions in commodities, taking in themes such as: key drivers of return in commodity futures markets and how commodity futures are a vehicle for risk transfer via hedging and speculation; how diversification and the positive skew of the asset class can be used to drive commodity future returns at the basket level; and how through careful design a broad commodity futures product can incorporate multiple alpha drivers to boost outperformance.

Portfolio manager
J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management

George has been a portfolio manager in the multi-asset and systematic team at J. Safra Sarasin since 2017. He is portfolio manager for the JSS Commodity – Diversified strategy. He began his career at Hermes Equity Ownership Services in 2014, before joining JSS in 2015 for a two-year quantitative analyst graduate trainee program. His current focus is on top-down systematic portfolio management in tandem with quantitative research and development.

Making the case for Asia: a burgeoning economic force

M&G (Lux) Asia Fund

George will discuss the set up for Asian equities and why now might be a good time to reconsider looking at the region for portfolios. He will focus on M&G's views on China and how headline risk often belies the underlying opportunity. There will also be discussion around relative valuations, the Asia team's bottom-up focused process and possible future winners from the diverse region that is Asia.

Investment specialist
M&G Investments

George joined M&G in 2017 from Close Brothers AM where he had worked as a senior performance and risk analyst for three years. At M&G, he was a fund managers’ assistant covering global equity strategies for two years before moving to the UK Equities team as an investment specialist and then on to the emerging markets equities team.

Investing for the long term in resilient and adaptable global companies

Trojan Global Equity Fund

As global equity markets respond to momentous technological and societal change, it is increasingly important to balance investing with conviction while keeping an open mind. Companies that were once perceived as impregnable are exposed to new competitive and regulatory forces, while younger companies reach scale and profitability at astonishing speed. In navigating these complex challenges, Gabrielle will highlight the importance of research, patience and valuation in explaining how Troy distinguishes itself from its peers.

Investment director, head of research
Troy Asset Management

Gabrielle is responsible for Troy’s Global Equity Strategy. She is the co-manager for the Trojan Global Equity Fund and fund manager for the Electric & General Investment Fund. She has more than 30 years’ investment experience and has managed global equity portfolios since 2001 and European portfolios since 1998. Joining Troy at the end of 2011, previously she was a senior managing director at Lazard AM where she worked for 17 years.

Global high yield: the importance of not being idle

Wellington Global High Yield Bond Fund

Join fund manager Konstantin Leidman to discuss what’s different about his approach to investing in high yield. With some clouds remaining in the outlook, choosing the right bonds becomes even more important. He will explain how the team aims to sort the darlings from the delinquents, finding the businesses with the ability to deliver attractive income and total return.

Portfolio manager
Wellington Management

As a high-yield portfolio manager on the investment boutiques team, Konstantin is responsible for developing and managing the European high yield strategy, working within EMEA fixed income and global high yield.